Welcome to the MiningBookGuy Page. Be the first to receive my exclusive insights on junior mining companies! Nick the Mining Book Guy is an independent private investor in the mining space. He loves to share company + book ideas. He especially loves to hunt for the next ‘big discovery’ in exotic jurisdictions around the world.
Started in 2019, the MiningBookGuy Free Email List provides exclusive insights to investors in the Junior Mining space. While not all stock picks work out, below is the best example of Nick’s work:

Click Osino Resources - Ross Beaty Funded Gold Explorer in Namibia! to see the YouTube video.

Click An Osino Resources Site Visit Exclusive Report by Nick Germain to read the report.

Nick was the first person to publicly pick Osino Resources (OSI on the TSXV), creating a YouTube video in July 2018 and writing a site visit report in June 2019. Osino was acquired by Dundee Precious Metals in December 2023 for a ~5x Return! Nick hopes to share more successful junior stock pics in the years ahead.

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